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Greenwald: Tribalistic self-absorption

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angerIn which Glenn Greenwald skewers the “American exceptionalism” delusion of endless rights to exploit  and “if we do it it’s not really bad– I want I want I want!”: 

It’s a defining attribute of early adolescence to be incapable of seeing the world through any lens other than total self-centeredness, self-absorption and empathy-free self-obsession.  If you watch for it (principally though not only) in right-wing discourse, you will see that this is really the central theme animating most of what they write:  My group is superior.  My group (political, national, religious, ethic, gender) is victimized and treated unfairly.  The misery and suffering my group inflicts on far less powerful groups is irrelevant and always justifiable.  Even those societies we bomb, occupy, devastate and destroy — even those we lock in cages without trials — are the ones victimizing us.  They never advanced beyond the adolescent stage of tribalistic self-absorption and it’s amazing how completely that lies at the core of most of what they believe and argue. 

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Written by laudyms

June 12, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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