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FredThanks to Information Clearinghouse, I have now discovered Fred Reed.  It may be an age thing (we were born the same year) or that we were both Navy brats, or just that he’s written a damn good column on AIPAC.  See for yourself:

Islamo-fascism, Judaeo-fascism, Bapto-fascism, and Why We Need More Bars

… I loathe America’s militarism, the carnage it wreaks in its wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, and earlier in Southeast Asia. Why am I supposed to approve of identical behavior by Israel? Am I to have one morality for Israel and another for my own country and the rest of the world? Am I to believe that gratuitously bombing Baghdad and Hanoi is wrong, but gratuitously wrecking Beirut is right?

or try this one:

Mowing the Sward of Damocles

……OK, a brief excursion into cosmic truth. First, socialism. Hard-line conservatives with little grasp of economics refer to anything they don’t like—Hillary, national health care, regulation of anything if it might cost them money—as “socialist.” It’s a utility pejorative, devoid of meaning, as “racist” and “elitist” are for political south-paws.  Socialism is of course a system in which the government owns the means of production. Check your dictionary.

Ah! But in America, the means of production own the government. Inverted socialism it is.

Yes, and the textbook definition of Fascism.  Glad to meet you, Fred!

Written by laudyms

June 24, 2009 at 12:13 pm

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