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Obama Takes Bush’s Plutocratic-Socialism to the Next Level

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vulturePerhaps you have also noticed how  complaints from the right and the left (people not pundits) are sounding more and more the same? Distrust, disillusion and disaffection are boundless.  If we could keep away from hot buttons and catch-phrases we might find we agree more often than not.

Chris Moore at  LibertarianToday.com has some interesting commentary on this subject in his article Obama Takes Bush’s Plutocratic-Socialism to the Next Level:

It has been noted by observers of both Left and Right that the Obama administration has adopted nearly exact duplications of the Bush administration’s authoritarian policies in a multitude of areas, both foreign and domestic. And now it appears that Obama and the Democrats are only going to accelerate the economic plutocratic-socialism which became a problem during the Clinton administration, increased exponentially in the Bush years, and is poised to consume the entire country and its economy under the Obama presidency.

I might have preferred if he had noted that the “socialism” he objects to is the “National Socialism” of fascists, but his main discussion of Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article:

the problem of plutocratic socialism and crony capitalism revolving around how mega-bank Goldman Sachs has had its hand in helping the U.S. federal government engineer a succession of economic bubbles that both knew would inevitably burst……..as both the Democratic and Republican parties have sealed their tacit agreement for each not to penalize the other on this joint plutocrat-socialist corruption, the bubbles have become ever larger and more frequent.

nails the plundering and plunderers sufficiently.  He adds:

Essentially it arranges a transfer of wealth from average Americans to a highly-centralized, government-connected elite that cycles in and out of government regulatory and upper level policy-setting positions. In addition to using government regulators to rig markets, this elite relies on the largesse of government itself to buy-off potential “oppositional” party opponents and critics with pork. It also relies on the moral authority of and intimidation factor of big government to convince average Americans that the corrupt enterprise is legitimate.

Now that we have all acknowledged that the Corporate State is a criminal enterprise, currently stripping the corpse of our former Republic, what are we going to do about it?


Written by laudyms

July 6, 2009 at 1:55 pm

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  1. […] Perhaps you have also noticed how  complaints from the right and the left (people not pundits) are sounding more and more the same?    read article […]

  2. you tell me, sister

    i say, grow your own; connect with your neighbors; build community locally.

    Educate people. There are many ways to phrase things so that those who are mind-controlled by mass media can accept new truths.

    We don’t share the “wild conspiracy” theories – just the obvious ones. Bankster bailouts, but none for homeowners. A black man saying separate but equal is okay (Q marriage). Campaign promise to end the Middle East Wars but then starting a war in Pakistan (on Day 3 of his presidency).

    Keep building alliances with the Right – the people, that is; not the pundits or leaders. Cuz we have more in common with common folk than we do with political leaders or parties.

    Surveillance society – no one on the Left or the Right likes that. Street corner cameras, our emails and phone convos snooped.

    This is real fascism, but you can’t use that word with MSM-attuned folk.

    Rady Ananda

    July 6, 2009 at 4:46 pm

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