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Modified Limited Hang-Out on Cheney’s Murder Inc.

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murderLarisa Alexandrovna shows us how the current Cheney/CIA/lying to Congress story is a cover-up for the real news: the American death squad has come home.

A limited hang-out is a form of misdirection usually relating to intel activities. The process involves admitting guilt for a smaller, less significant action/activity/crime/etc., thereby diverting attention away from the larger action/activity/crime/etc………

Here is how the San Francisco Chronicle describes a modified limited hang-out:

“That was the game plan; that was the playbook. The White House would admit to only those things that were already known; it would give ground with great reluctance and retrench rapidly; it would above all things protect the guy at the top from any whisper of scandal.”

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Written by laudyms

July 14, 2009 at 11:04 am

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