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I know many of my email friends are sick of my doom-and-gloom rants, so here’s a little folksy take on the same stinking mess:

joe bageantObama’s Fight for Reform-

Lay off the footwork and throw a punch!
By Joe Bageant

“Almost a year after the Great Giddy Swarming of the Obamians last November, some of the revelers are waking up with one booger of a hangover. And they are asking themselves, “What were we thinking when we had that tenth drink of Democratic Party Kool-Aid?” It was a clear cut case of seduction and date rape. The spike in the drink was, of course, hope. Poor pathetic American liberals. Forever doomed to be naive freshmen at the senior beer bash……”

read entire article


Written by laudyms

September 19, 2009 at 5:07 pm

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