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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

Update:  Military Police Kidnap G20 Protester

Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet.com  09/25/09

It’s a shocking scene that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the streets of Nazi Germany or Maoist China in humanity’s darkest historical period – a protester is shoved into an unmarked car by military thugs and driven away to whatever Godforsaken fate awaits him. And yet this is America in 2009, where the First Amendment is now officially a criminal offense and people who dare exercise it are attacked and abducted by military police in broad daylight.

The video shows an unmarked gold Sedan drive up to a side street near Baum Ave & S Millvale Ave. in Pittsburgh. Men in military fatigues wrestle with the protester as other men in cammo exit the vehicle. The protester is shoved forcefully into the car as the military thugs follow him in and the car speeds away.

More details and videos at site


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  1. Why are Americans so passive as their rights slip away?

    Bill Maher has an excellent column about what we’re willing to put up with: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-maher/new-rule-if-america-cant_b_299383.html

    Meanwhile, here’s a few of the comments from some of my email friends- all mostly white and over 50. Some local links too:

    9/22/09 10:10:18 PM EDT, Bawn writes: Downtown Sixburgh is rapidly becoming a fortified enclave, bereft of any vestige of the First Amendment as the G20 Summit approaches at the end of this week. As I post this from a bunker in an undisclosed location just outside the perimeter, I can hear the Blackhawk helicopters patrolling above as well as the M1A1 tanks moving into position. Most businesses are now boarded up with plywood to attempt to protect their edifices from the impending confrontation between protesters and jackbooted stormtroopers………

    9/23/09 1:20:24 AM EDT, bubs writes: You do know that a contingent of Chicago Police Officers are coming out to help show Pittsburgh PD how to handle demonstrators, right?>>

    9/23/09 2:14:59 AM EDT, Tree writes: I would have thought they’d call on the NYPD. But those guys will have been worn out just from having the U.N. General Assembly here this week.>>

    9/23/09 8:44:13 AM EDT, bubs writes: Pittsburgh PD put out a call for something like 3,000 extra officers from around the midwest and east coast to provide extra staff. I’m sure there are some NYPD officers there as well.>>

    9/23/09 2:08:33 AM EDT, Tree writes:

    < The Seeds of Faith [ typo, should read: Seeds of Peace] group moved the bus from a former school in Larrimer to a church on the North Side today, but less than five minutes after the conclusion of the hearing, Mr. Walczak said, police were already at the North Avenue site, again demanding the bus be moved. He said they cited “eminent domain,” as the reason.

    ???? Good grief.>>

    9/23/09 4:46:39 AM EDT, Mads writes: Those buses should be treated like Church’s and its occupants entitled to sanctuary.

    9/23/09 5:53:33 AM EDT, Starr writes:
    They probably went to the Unitarian Church. Perhaps I’ll call the ACLU today and tell them the bus can park here.
    For reasons everyone is aware of I haven’t been involved in up-coming events. Now Dawk has pissed me off and into some action.

    9/23/09 10:57:21 PM EDT, Mira writes: Attested by Sgt. Jason Snyder, part of a G-20 Mobile Field Force, Pittsburgh city officers compiled a secret list of targets, and from what I’m reading, the Montanans (Seeds of Peace Collective) with their roach coach to feed the protesters, are getting’ an unduly harsh ass whuppin’. from a scared silly security force. Maybe it’s the neighborhood they are parking themselves? And, just for kicks, anyone know who the “private owner” is of “the old Lincoln-Larimer school”? Is it in the same community as the Trinity Lutheran Church?

    9/23/09 11:24:46 PM EDT, Mads writes: a PS….I understand that one of the reasons Pittsburgh was chosen was because its citizens protested peacefully while the Summit was going on in the UK… >>

    9/24/09 8:17:00 AM EDT, Bawn ref’s:
    Thursday, September 24, 2009
    More than 1,000 officers sworn in to help keep peace
    They filed in wearing everything from jeans and T-shirts advertising their places of origin — Georgia, Charlotte — to the smart, forest green uniforms of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and the daunting black of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

    For two days, they will be city of Pittsburgh police.
    [. . . . .]

    9/24/09 2:26:04 PM EDT, Mads writes: obviously the lock down strategy is becoming “”sustainable”” Violence beget’s more lock downs…we have mobs instead of mediators. >>

    9/24/09 2:34:13 PM EDT, laudy writes: I’ve heard absolutely nothing about mobs in Pittsburgh. It’s a figment of the fear mentality.>>

    9/24/09 2:54:50 PM EDT, Mads writes: yes we don’t perceive these peaceful protesters as mobs, but others do…and like the peaceful marchers during the civil rights marches..they are at risk for being truncheoned and/or bitten by attack dogs. >>

    9/24/09 2:13:49 PM EDT, laudy writes: Events that used to be a feast for retailers and the food industry now pump up the already bloated security industry and get us all used to the idea of lock-down. Completely un-American- in the traditional sense. We’ve changed 180 degrees.>>

    9/24/09 8:31:00 AM EDT, Bawn writes: What color is it today?>>

    9/24/09 9:16:50 AM EDT, Mads writes: I do believe that if more thought given to the reasons for violence in planning future events..such as involving the protester reps as stakeholders into the meeting…it might help to abate such violence … strategies in addition to their actual attendance, could be opportunities to “write in their concerns””…after the horrific riots at Attica Penitentiary a number of ïnmate/stakeholder strategies were put into place that have significantly reduced prison violence. The next step to be taken is to request a meeting with the protesters reps….I refuse to believe we have to live in a world were the sky always falls… >>

    9/24/09 10:38:51 AM EDT, Starr writes: I was told by someone at the ACLU that the bus can stay at the church. I’m going to zoom past there today and give a donation.

    Something really funky happened…someone with internal connections to the police dept. released the names and address of police officers and family members. I want him or her FIRED!

    They want to demonize these people and make them look threatening.>>

    9/24/09 10:44:12 AM EDT, Madswrites: What Starr feels…. >>

    9/24/09 2:21:17 PM EDT, laudy writes: Sad. But sooner or later those same police will have to choose sides between tyranny and the people. Maybe it’s not too soon for them to realize that.

    I remember quite well the looks on the faces of the armed Nat’l Guardsmen who wrapped Berkeley in razor wire and stood blocking our streets. (We were spared the tanks only because the streets couldn’t handle them). Taking up arms against one’s own people is not just a ‘job.’>>

    9/24/09 2:45:57 PM EDT, Starr writes:
    In The People’s History of the United States Zinn writes about a revolt of the guards. That will need to happen in this country.

    I saw some National Guardsman at the local police station today. Everyone was standing around admiring those little black tanks that can zoom down a narrow ally. I hope they don’t have to use them.

    This station is right down the street from the [Trinity] Lutheran Church.>>

    9/24/09 11:30:33 AM EDT, Tree writes:
    We don’t use colors in NYC. But, if we did, it always would be orange, I believe. No kidding around.>>

    9/24/09 1:32:52 PM EDT, Mira writes:

    Homeland Security Advisory System
    NATIONAL Terror-Alert Status
    (Thurs., 9/24/09 1:00 PM EDT):

    9/24/09 2:25:57 PM EDT, laudy writes: With orange = uncertainty. That just happens to be the condition of life everywhere. Choosing to live fearfully sets us quite apart from most of the world where dangers are much more common, but people live fully anyway. Our ancestors wouldn’t understand us at all.>>

    9/24/09 2:32:56 PM EDT, laudy writes: Forgive me (or not) for viewing most of Pittsburgh as a mindless anthill, with all thoughts of citizenship and self-reliance abandoned to a feeding frenzy of the security industry. It’s utterly disgusting.>>

    9/24/09 2:47:47 PM EDT, Starr writes: Don’t need to be forgiven for being right.>>

    9/24/09 2:48:35 PM EDT, laudy writes: I think the real implications of this situation are largely being ignored- head-in-sand style. We’ll be very sorry, eventually.>>

    9/24/09 3:46:49 PM EDT, Starr writes: Police fired tear gas on the protestors.>>
    9/24/09 PM EDT, Mira writes:
    As I flipped from the heath care markup by the Senate Finance Committee, I caught the story as breaking news on MSNBC. Not only did the riot police in “The Strip,” about 20 blocks from the Convention Center, attacking protesters with canisters of tear gas, also, with a LONG-RANGE ACOUSTIC DEVICE, a sound intended to bring protesters to their knees

    Picking up on something said by Laudy, “I think the real implications of this situation are largely being ignored …,” I believe that what’s going on is a “softening’ of the U.S. mentality to accept even harsher treatment for dissent. We need only reflect on Lindsey Englund at Abu Ghraib to know how softening of targets is accomplished before the really tough guys come into the room.

    Since the MSM has largely ignored events in Pittsburgh, here are some links and excerpts- mostly local.
    Thursday, September 24, 2009
    More than 1,000 officers sworn in to help keep peace

    Wednesday, September 23, 2009
    Judge denies harassment claim
    . Didn’t want to handcuff police at time of high security
    By PAULA REED WARD, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    A federal judge yesterday [Tues., 9/22/09] said that he would not stop Pittsburgh police from enforcing the law to placate two groups who claimed city officers repeatedly harassed them as they prepared to protest against the G-20 summit…….

    Late on Sunday night [9/20/09], police raided a property on North Neville Street in Lawrenceville, even though the Seeds of Peace group had permission from the lease holder to park there.

    By Monday [9/21/09], the group was told it could not stay because the city building inspector had visited the owner and threatened to issue fines of $1,000 a day.

    The group then made arrangements to move the bus to the old Lincoln-Larimer school, which is privately owned.

    When members moved the bus Monday evening [9/21/09], the driver was stopped 20 yards from his destination for what police called a traffic stop and safety inspection.

    The bus and group members were held for two hours with dozens of police cars surrounding the area. The city’s commercial vehicle enforcement unit arrived and did a full inspection of the bus.

    Bridget Coine, who was working as a legal observer for the ACLU at the traffic stop, said she’d never seen so many officers at one scene.

    A police officer repeatedly asked the Seeds of Peace members how they paid for the food that they cooked and where they got money for fuel.

    “He kept saying ‘if you provide free food and accept donations, and you’re doing it across state lines, it’s interstate commerce,’ ” Ms. Coine said.

    No violations were found, but the group was cited for parking on a curb and told that the vehicle could not be moved unless the driver had a passenger-class certification………..

    just minutes after Judge Lancaster issued his ruling [Tues. afternoon, 9/22/09], about 20 city police officers arrived in the parking lot of Trinity Lutheran Church on the North Side, where Seeds of Peace members had again moved their bus.

    The pastor gave them permission to park there. But the group said police claimed the right to enter the property under eminent domain laws because of an adjacent city alleyway.
    One member said police then accused them of failing to have Allegheny County tags for two dogs that travel with the group…….

    “I’m here to tell you, democracy is dead in Pittsburgh,” said Lisa Fithian, who is working with Three Rivers Climate Convergence.

    The plaintiffs showed a clear pattern of harassment by city officers, Mr. Lobel said.

    “All they came up with is two traffic citations. It seems like they would have better things to do,” he said.

    “These are the peaceful, law-abiding groups,” Mr. Walczak added.

    “I can only imagine what they’ll do to folks engaged in civil disobedience.”

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009
    G-20 summit organizers show off media nerve center

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009
    Judge: protestors violated zoning, traffic laws
    More from PAULA REED WARD (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) at federal court:
    U.S. District Judge Gary Lancaster ruled this afternoon [9/22/09] against an immediate injunction against Pittsburgh police on allegations the force has been engaging in systematic attempts to harass and discourage First Amendment activities.

    The judge said he would not take action to prohibit the police department from doing their jobs as the G-20 summit begins, but that plaintiffs were free to return to court after the summit to pursue their lawsuit for any violations.

    Seeds of Peace Collective and Three Rivers Climate Convergence filed a lawsuit yesterday [9/21/09], claiming that police had been engaged in a systematic pattern of harassment to discourage First Amendment activities….


    September 26, 2009 at 9:31 am

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