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Good-bye No. American Union: the SPP is dead

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No NAUby Murray Dobbin    (from Canada)

“The SPP is dead. Good. That helps reduce dependence on a downbound US. …The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), the formal expression of a corporate lobbying campaign called deep integration, is no more. Its official U.S. government website declared last month: “The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) is no longer an active initiative…”

“…Some on the left are so accustomed to losing that they make the claim the SPP will just re-emerge with another name. While some of the nastier initiatives are still in place, like energy “integration” and common regulations, a zip-locked North America is off the agenda. Now we have a weak version called the PPA — the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas.

Launched by Bush last December and being expanded by Obama, the PPA is a neoliberal fantasy about revising the FTAA, the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Sorry, guys, it’s never going to happen because the U.S. has already lost the largest economies in South America to another agenda.
The PPA is a stalking horse for a weakened U.S. empire trying to reassert itself in its own backyard. The new version of the Canadian government carrying the bully’s coat is renewed Canadian “interest” in Latin America — the empire’s junior partner helping out in the hope that Uncle Sam will throw it a bone.
The SPP was the ultimate expression of Bay Street’s hare-brained determination to put all of Canada’s economic eggs in one basket — or in this instance, basket case: the U.S. economy. Barack Obama’s administration has apparently figured out that globalization is critically wounded if not dead and wants to retrench into the safety of protectionism and its old sphere of influence….”
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