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BP’s giant oil and gas platform leaking, hazardous

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atlantis200x200“As an oil company, BP comes close to being criminal. It has repeatedly skirted the law, most recently in developing the Atlantis project.”
— Wenonah Hauter

Food and Water Watch  British oil giant BP owns and operates a giant oil and gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico. They call this rig “Atlantis.”

Atlantis is leaking. And there are serious safety concerns about this platform that have not been addressed.

What would happen to the ocean and the coastal communities along the Gulf of Mexico if 8.4 million gallons of oil and 180 million cubic feet of gas a day spilled?

Already vulnerable, Atlantis sits in an area of the Gulf threatened by the current hurricane season. It makes sense that this location requires putting safety above all else. Instead, this platform poses numerous potential hazards for the Gulf. If Atlantis failed, it could:

  •  Create an oil spill in the Gulf that dwarfs the Exxon Valdez disaster.
  • Endanger the lives and safety of the platform workers, fishermen and rescue workers.
  • Destroy the livelihood of people relying on the bounty and beauty of the Gulf and the coast.
  • Ruin wildlife environs and kill fish, birds and other native animals.

In an effort to prevent this destruction, ask your elected officials to attend a Food & Water Watch briefing on this critical issue at 1:00 on Thursday, October 8. When you do, you will also be joining Food & Water Watch in their request to Secretary Salazar at the U.S. Department of the Interior to halt continuing construction on the platform and for Congress to hold hearings into the lack of management, oversight and accountability that has plagued this platform. We need your voice behind us.

Write today to prevent another Gulf disaster.

Get the details about this disaster-in-waiting and our efforts to stop it. Read Wenonah Hauter’s blog posting on our call for government action.


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  1. Outstanding. I agree.

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