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GulagIs straying from the herd, questioning conventional wisdom, and trying to figure out things for yourself– a sign of “mental illness”?  The increasingly Stalinist stance of many pundits makes one wonder if a Gulag may be in our future. 

While it is still acceptable to notice “spin” and agenda-driven explanations that challenge physical realities, it is evidently no longer acceptable to question the conclusions of the spinners and explainers.

Steve Watson details in his Alex Jones article Salon Hit Piece Implies Truth Seeking Is A Mental Illness examples of this “labeling as mentally disturbed anyone who is skeptical or open to the possibility that conspiracies may have a basis in reality.”

He focuses  particularly on Salon’s Cary Tennis, who acknowledges a past of addiction related problems. (Tennis advises that teenagers visiting Alex Jones’ website may be psychologically unstable….)

I wonder if Tennis has considered that the efforts to swallow conventional wisdom against the bounds of one’s innate common sense, may be what drive many to self-medicate in the first place??


Written by laudyms

October 13, 2009 at 10:47 am

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  1. oh dear…whatta mess. I guess I better keep my mouth shut. What a pain to have hands tied like this….man, I better tell the barmy army to get a better PR agent. I’m not that surprised in general, not many people like to fall in our camp, as we do not have the same entitlements ie take a court of law for example. Sorry to hear you’re getting branded with the “nuts” brush, but this ideology at this point in time, doesn’t need this. Hopefully people will still be discerning and questioning….i hope.


    October 14, 2009 at 7:30 am

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