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Nanoparticle proposed to lengthen food shelf-life: where’s the testing?

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The website Food Production Daily has a new article touting the benefits of nanotechnology in food products.

They write: “A modified nanoparticle from corn can be used to extend the shelf-life of food products and preserve their health benefits by delaying oxidation, according to new research.

Purdue University assistant professor Yuan Yao has adapted the phytoglycogen nanoparticle allowing it to attach to oils and emulsify them while also acting as a barrier to oxidation.”

A patent application has been filed, but no mention is made of safety testing or process oversight by those whose obligation it is to see that dangerous products are kept out of our food supply and marketplace.

Many in industry are anxious to jump on new products and rush them to market  in order to make a killing.  Little do these undereducated fools know just how literal that may turn out to be.

See also: Risks of Nano-technology


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