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New Study Reveals Health Hazards of Monsanto’s Frankenfoods

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Study Proves Three Monsanto Corn Varieties’ Noxiousness to the Organism

Three Major GMOs Approved for Food and Feed Found Unsafe

Friday 11 December 2009      Truthout

by: Le Monde with AFP   |  Le Monde

A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences demonstrates the toxicity of three genetically modified corn varieties from the American seed company Monsanto, the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (Criigen, based in Caen), which participated in that study, announced Friday, December 11.

“For the first time in the world, we’ve proven that GMO are neither sufficiently healthy nor proper to be commercialized. […] Each time, for all three GMOs, the kidneys and liver, which are the main organs that react to a chemical food poisoning, had problems,” indicated Gilles-Eric Séralini, an expert member of the Commission for Biotechnology Reevaluation, created by the EU in 2008.

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What Really Is A Conspiracy Theory?

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By Rand Clifford

16 December, 2009   Countercurrents.org

Imagine saying to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, “My, you’re very tall.”

Imagine denigrating anything not hailed as truth by institutions such as government, or mainstream media, as “conspiracy theory.”

What’s the connection? Much deeper than at first it might seem, much deeper than the absence of critical thinking—it’s a pattern of apathy. Both instances lack wit and subtlety…no thinking, whether stating the obvious, or scoffing at any truth not “official.” So why has conspiracy theory become such a knee-jerk label? First, let’s look at what “conspiracy theory” means, institutionally and officially.

Conspiracy theory is most often used to identify secret military, banking, or political actions aimed at stealing power, money, or freedom from the people. “Wikipedia” even adds the zest, or invitation for the absurd (more on this in a moment), of secret plots by conspirators of “…almost superhuman power and cunning.”

America’s plague of conspiracy-theory labeling subverts critical thinking; one of our least popular endeavors—critical thinking that is, has much to do with protecting one’s comfort zone and avoiding cognitive dissonance…much to do with choosing what to believe, regardless of evidence. A fine example is Americans’ attitude regarding official confessions that the anthrax attacks soon after 9/11 were false flag. (1)

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Howard Dean: “Kill The Senate Bill”

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Greg Sargent’s blog

In a blow to the bill grinding through the Senate, Howard Dean bluntly called for the bill to be killed in a pre-recorded interview set to air later this afternoon, denouncing it as “the collapse of health care reform in the United States Senate,” the reporter who conducted the interview tells me.

Dean said the removal of the Medicare buy-in made the bill not worth supporting, and urged Dem leaders to start over with the process of reconciliation in the interview, which is set to air at 5:50 PM today on Vermont Public Radio, political reporter Bob Kinzel confirms to me.

The gauntlet from Dean — whose voice on health care is well respsected among liberals — will energize those on the left who are mobilizing against the bill, and make it tougher for liberals to embrace the emerging proposal. In an excerpt Kinzel gave me, Dean says:

“This is essentially the collapse of health care reform in the United States Senate. Honestly the best thing to do right now is kill the Senate bill, go back to the House, start the reconciliation process, where you only need 51 votes and it would be a much simpler bill.”

Kinzel added that Dean essentially said that if Democratic leaders cave into Joe Lieberman right now they’ll be left with a bill that’s not worth supporting.

Dean had previously endorsed the Medicare buy-in compromise without a public option, saying that the key question should be whether the bill contains enough “real reform” to be worthy of progressives’ support. Dean has apparently concluded that the “real reform” has been removed at Lieberman’s behest — which won’t make it easier for liberals to swallow the emerging compromise.

Update: The full interview is now up at Vermont Public Radio.

Joe Bageant: The Devil and Mr. Obama

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Joe Bageant

Barack promised change — and sure enough, things changed for the worse

(Note: Patrick Ward, associate editor of the UK’s Socialist Review asked Joe to write a piece for the party publication. This is the unabridged text of Joe’s submission.)

By Joe Bageant

Well lookee here! An invite from my limey comrades to recap Barack Obama’s first year in office. Well comrades, I can do this thing two ways. I can simply state that the great mocha hope turned out to be a Trojan horse for Wall Street and the Pentagon. Or I can lay in an all-night stock of tequila, limes and reefer and puke up the entire miserable tale like some 5,000 word tequila purged Congolese stomach worm. I have chosen to do the latter.

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Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor

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Drugs and crime chief says $352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively laundered by financial institutions

Rajeev Syal The Observer 13 December 2009

Drugs money worth billions of dollars kept the financial system afloat at the height of the global crisis, the United Nations‘ drugs and crime tsar has told the Observer.

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Israeli settlers attack mosque

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Mosque graffiti


Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian West Bank have vandalised a mosque, torching its library and spraying hate messages in Hebrew on the building.

The attack blamed on hardline Jews on Friday may be linked to plans that seek to curb their illegal settlement activity on land taken from Palestinians.

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Bayer Admits GMO Contamination is Out of Control

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US court ruling on GMO rice affirms danger of Bayer crops

Greenpeace pushes for ruling on motion in RP court

December 09, 2009     Greenpeace Press Center

Quezon City, PHILIPPINES — A United States federal jury ruling on 4 December 2009, that Bayer CropScience LP must pay US$2 million to two Missouri farmers, affirms that the responsibility for the consequences of contamination from genetically modified organisms (GMO) rests with the company that releases GMO crops. The Missouri farmers’ crops were contaminated with an experimental variety of rice that Bayer was testing in 2006. Greenpeace welcomed the verdict, pointing out that there is no legal GMO rice currently grown in the world and Bayer’s application for commercialisation in the Philippines and in certain other parts of the world is mainly to legalise the entry of contaminated rice from the US where massive contamination was discovered in 2006.

Nanoparticle proposed to lengthen food shelf-life: where’s the testing?

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The website Food Production Daily has a new article touting the benefits of nanotechnology in food products.

They write: “A modified nanoparticle from corn can be used to extend the shelf-life of food products and preserve their health benefits by delaying oxidation, according to new research.

Purdue University assistant professor Yuan Yao has adapted the phytoglycogen nanoparticle allowing it to attach to oils and emulsify them while also acting as a barrier to oxidation.”

A patent application has been filed, but no mention is made of safety testing or process oversight by those whose obligation it is to see that dangerous products are kept out of our food supply and marketplace.

Many in industry are anxious to jump on new products and rush them to market  in order to make a killing.  Little do these undereducated fools know just how literal that may turn out to be.

See also: Risks of Nano-technology

What would the White Rose have said about us?

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You wouldn’t know it if you only check out the MSM, but there is a cacophany of voices crying in the wilderness of American life, desperate for their fellows to wake from their zombie state.  The details, issues and complaints vary but the message is significantly similar: Wake out of your stupor and help resist the Corporate State! (that’s my version, but many are much the same)

Another growing groundswell is a near uniform rejection of science:  a sad but understandable situation, since science education is nearly non-existant in the US and the scientific establishment in both academia and industry have allowed Corporate control to co-opt, corrupt and abuse them. From vaccines to climate change, many reject it all.  Whatever it is, it must be a scam with profits for the Big-Boys and costs passed along to what used to be known as “the people.”  This causes me some grief, but when so many untested products poison the populace and the landscape, and  institutions supposed to provide oversight have been gutted and burdened with political hacks, it’s probably safer to “just say NO.”

Corporate schemers own Congress, manipulate every public debate and smother important issues in the press.  They have outsourced our economy and demand billions for the right to run a casino on Wall Street.

Which brings me to the White Rose– an anti-Nazi student group in Germany during WWII. The Corporate State is the texbook definition of fascism….and that’s really where we are right now. The charge has been trivialized by many puffed-up pontificators, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

As I correspond with many who excuse current events, or give me sage advice about accepting what’s ‘possible,’ I feel much more akin to those of the White Rose, even knowing the brutal end they came to.

Alex Doherty writes about them and the parallels with those today who have seen the American Dream become a nightmare and call for us to resist:

“The White Rose group could hardly have been unaware of the cruelty of the regime they opposed and yet the group did not shy from exhorting, in fact demanding that their fellow citizens take action to against the Nazi state. They took it to be a sacred duty of all people to oppose violence and authoritarianism regardless of the personal cost:

“Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right – your moral duty – to eliminate this system?” “

read his full article here

Politicians now pose as managers of modern life

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and they promise to protect us from nightmares………..

Part II Part III

The Power of Nightmares assesses whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. In the concluding part of the series, the programme explains how the illusion was created and who benefits from it.

This is a must watch documentary – Broadcast 11/03/04 BBC 2 – Written and produced by Adam Curtis