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Wondering why we’re going to war in Yemen?

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Yemeni refugees


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Dancing With Snakes 01/02/10
by Scott Creighton

“Ruling Yemen is difficult,” he said wearily. “I always say, it is like dancing with snakes.” New York Times 2008

No kidding.  Over the past week I have been investigating our new terror target, the people of the nation of Yemen.  Let’s not fool ourselves anymore, we aren’t going there to stop “al Qaeda” from lighting up more panty sparklers; we are going there to prop-up a failing corrupt regime who just happens to be “pro-Western”, “pro-business”, and deeply indebted to the World Bank and the IMF.  The Yemeni government is in deep trouble from all sides and they need to be bailed-out.  With all the money and resources at stake, the debauched Yemeni government is just “too big to fail”.  At least, that’s how Washington sees it.

Our leaders in congress and the White House are in the process of trying to convince us that we have to go to the rescue of one of the most unethical and immoral dictators in the modern world, without ever mentioning his name; a man who was probably responsible for at least two violent coups in his country, who has been “president” of Yemen (North Yemen since 1978 and then the unified Yemen (north and south) since 1990) for over 30 years, and who has richly rewarded himself and his family at the cost of the dirt poor people of Yemen.  That is who President Obama  is determined to support in Yemen; a man who makes Saddam Hussein look like the Dalai Lama.

We are going to Yemen to protect snakes: a dictator and a massive new, eight billion dollar Liquid Natural Gas pipeline that is partially owned by Bush family friend, Ray L. Hunt.

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