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Flight 253: please swallow whole

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The FBI story keeps changing, and the whole episode smells to high heaven. Especially since the substance used needs to be ignited by a blasting cap, conspicuously absent, and the boy’s father is deeply involved in Yemeni finance at a very crucial time.   Looks like a sheep stampede to me.

Modern perception management and deception really only require the complicity of a lazy media. Once the first ‘official’ story is out and  followed by endless blather and speculation, no amount of real investigation or facts can stand up to the sheer weight of the emotion intentionally evoked by the staged event. It all becomes part of a mishmash until people are exhausted and ready for a new serving of manufactured fodder.

Haskell Family: FBI has changed accounts 4 times; our story is the same since day one

Update: They’ve got this sheep-stampeding down to an exact science. Ominous.

Please read:

The degrading effects of terrorism fears By Glenn Greenwald


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