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Questions and answers on nanotech safety

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Here are two articles about  nanotechnology safety: one somewhat reassuring, the other not so much. It appears we must educate ourselves, since labeling and consumer protections are not priorities:

2020Science Andrew Maynard February 12, 2010

24 questions and answers on nanotechnology safety

Well I guess I set myself up good and proper – I should have realized that in asking people for their questions on nanotechnology safety last week, they would actually want answers!

read more here

and the next article

Hazards Magazine

Dangers come in small particles

Hundreds of nanotechnology applications are already in commercial production despite a huge health and safety question mark. Hazards looks at how an industry the safety authorities admit they know precious little about has been allowed to grow, unregulated, into the biggest thing since the microchip.

read more here

See also: Risks of Nano-technology


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