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Who Legalized Bribery and Graft?

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Corruption is a growth industry.

It’s nice to know that there are 8 lobbyists for each member of Congress.

If you take their money, you shouldn’t be able to vote on their damn bills.  Maybe that’s the way to limit corporate influence- just pass a decent conflict of interest statute for Congress!  What we have now amounts to legalized bribery.

Money Sure To Keep Health Care On The Agenda

But What Are Supporters And Opponents Getting For Those Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars?

1 Mar 2010 // It’s too early to say how the messy, protracted health care debate will end. But one thing is already clear: It’s generated record lobbying expenditures. And like health care itself, the lobbying battle over health reform just keeps costing more.

Health-care-related lobbying and TV advertising have easily cleared the half-billion mark, topping $700 million in 2009, according to political money and ad tracking experts. Much of that went to pay for an army of lobbyists that numbered 4,525 last year, reports the Center for Public Integrity — eight for every member of Congress.

The health care lobbying bonanza has raised uncomfortable questions, both for lawmakers and for industry players and activists……

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