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If “decline and fall” is the subject du jour…

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The counterpoint of these two articles which came my way today (synergistically?) will probably keep me speculating for awhile:

Moon Over Gringo Gulch By Joe Bageant

Even were it possible, resurrecting the government of FDR would make for a crowded political stage. We already have two independent governments operating separately — the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Unfortunately they operate in opposition. ..

This kind of politics benefits both the politician and the public. The public can avoid thinking about real issues, big picture items they can count on the politicians never to address, but move their lips as if they are: America’s descent from empire, global warming and peak everything

Compensation & The Social Network by CulturalEngineer

…It’s been said that the problem in a democracy is that the rulers (being the people) will rob the public treasury by voting themselves all the money!

This may well be true… But if that’s the case…

And considering what’s become of our once healthy financial balance (you actually have to go back to the ’70’s to find when we were a creditor and not a debtor nation)…

And where all the wealth ended up…

You have to ask… Just who is really in charge around here?


Written by laudyms

March 6, 2010 at 9:49 am

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