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The Great Squeeze: Surviving the Human Project

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Life on planet Earth is at a crossroads, with multiple environmental crises bearing down upon us simultaneously: climate change, resource depletion, oil supply decline, ocean pollution, overpopulation, species extinction, and more. The Great Squeeze inventories and connects all of them, showing how short-sighted human behavior and decisions have resulted in a situation that threatens our lives and planet.

The film travels back in time to take us on a journey through history when past civilizations made the same mistakes — growing too fast, depleting their natural resources and ultimately collapsing. The Anasazi society, the Mayan civilization and the Easter Island culture all provide graphic examples of peoples violating principles of sustainability and exceeding the carrying capacity of their environment. The veil of mystery surrounding the disappearance of these once-thriving cultures is peeled back to offer insights into our own modern social order seemingly bent on a similar path of self-destruction.

Instead of the usual band-aid approaches, The Great Squeeze challenges us to learn from history and transition towards a more sustainable economy that values our environment. By changing our levels of consumption, deploying new technologies, and reordering social priorities, we can still live well.

Renowned scientists, thinkers and authors, including Richard Heinberg, Edward O. Wilson, Lester Brown, Alexandra Cousteau, Jim White, Howard Kunstler and others, provide perspective and insights on our current state of affairs and how we can change course.

The Great Squeeze was selected for screening in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference, and at 14 film festivals around the world, where it won several awards, including Best Feature, Colorado Environmental Film Festival.

Running Time: 68 minutes
Gr 9 – Adult
A film by Christophe Fauchere, Tiroir A Films
Special Features and Lesson Plans (see below)
Chaptered DVD

“Recommended. Stitching together interviews and presentations from a distinguished roster of authors, experts, scholars, and scientists, this documentary looks at a wide range of complex issues, including climate change, population growth, species extinction, polluted oceans, and diminishing natural resources. Sure to help strengthen awareness of an escalating situation.” – Video Librarian Magazine


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  1. Introduction:
    The Federation for Environment, Education, Development and Equal Rights. Acronym is FEEDER. FEEDER is a local, non-Governmental, non-profit making, non-political and non-secretariat organization. It was established in 2007 and registered with the Provincial Registrar Joint Stock Companies and Societies N.W.F.P Peshawar, under societies and registration act 1860, having registration number 1101./5/55/41.
    FEEDER envisions a satisfied and peaceful society where one and all have equal opportunities to use potentials to lead their lives honorably without violating or violated the rights of one another.
    Feeder commits itself to promote sustainable development in poverty-stricken area through community participation. It endeavors to develop communities socially, physically and economically. Its mission is to protect and improve health status of target communities, empower the women, develop human resources, develop awareness among communities by adopting participatory approach according to the culture, custom and current need of existing communities.
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    Dr.Abrar Ahmed

    March 16, 2010 at 6:14 am

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