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How Corrupted Drug Companies Deceive and Manipulate Your Doctor

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by Dr. Mercola | May 18 2010 | Mecola.com

Dr. Beatrice Golomb, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Diego, masterfully exposes the corruption that has metastasized like a tumor throughout the pharmaceutical and medical industries, in the video above.

If you have any doubt about drug companies being riddled with conflicts of interest, those doubts will be shattered after seeing the evidence she presents.

The corruption has become so prolific that it has literally debased medical science.

In the above linked Chicago Breaking News article, Dr. Paul Offit, an infectious disease specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is quoted as saying:

“Science is not a democracy where people’s votes decide what is right. Look at the data, look at science and make a decision based on science that has been published.”

What he is really advocating is for you to blindly believe in “facts” that may have been produced in the midst of MASSIVE conflicts of interest.

Before you assume the science in medical journals is credible, let’s take a look at what is going on behind the scenes of editing and publishing in medical science.

See full article for more on:

Bias #1: Unwanted Results are Not Published

Bias #2: Bad Results are Submitted as Good

Bias #3: A Favorable Study is Submitted Multiple Times

Bias #4: Follow-Up Reviews Done by Biased Experts

Bias #5: Ghostwriting

Bias #6: Journal Bias

Bias #7: Drug Companies Masquerading as Educators

Hell Hath No Fury (for whistleblowers)

“Too Big to Nail”


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