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Endless Wars: Not the way to fix the deficit

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June 23, 2010LA County Nonpartisan ExaminerCarl Herman

The following 8-minute video by Dylan Ratigan of Congressman Alan Grayson is a brilliant discussion contrasting US “investment” of taxpayer money on endless and unlawful wars versus the dire condition requiring policy in the US economy. [where $$ can be more usefully spent]

The good news is the structural solutions are known for full employment, ending the national debt, and monetary reform to conservatively deliver over a trillion dollars of benefits to the public that are currently parasitized by the banking/finance cartel.

That’s right. The economy can be fixed so quickly you will think it a miracle, but it’s nothing more than unleashing American productivity with economic structure that removes banking/finance parasitism. You don’t know about this because the money cartels of oligarchs purchased corporate media to hide these solutions from you. My best comprehensive explanations, documentation and solutions are here:
See also:

War Makes Us Poor

Far from rescuing the economy from recession or depression, needless conflicts drain capital from productive uses.

By David R. Henderson

June 24, 2010 “The American Conservative” — Many people who aren’t comfortable with the U.S. invading other countries reassure themselves with the belief that at least war creates jobs for Americans. But is military conflict really good for the economy of the country that engages in it? Basic economics answers a resounding “no.”


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