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Today in Madison, Wisconsin dairy farmers from across America are coming together2 to tell stories of price manipulation, antitrust violations and more, that have ultimately led to the loss of their herds, their farms, their livelihoods and in some cases even their own lives.

It’s time to take on corporate power in our food supply. Stand with farmers today to tell the Department of Justice that enough is enough.

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For the past 18 months America’s dairy farmers have faced their worst crisis since the Great Depression3 while at the same time, giant dairy processors and co-ops have raked in record profits.

While dairy farmers have suffered historic low prices in 2009, their dairy processors and the “farmer-owned” co-ops that are supposed to offer them a fair price, have been skimming off all the profits. In 2009, Dean Foods profits soared to $76.2 million, more than 254% higher than 2008.4 During this same time, farmers have been taking on record debt, with a 100 head dairy farm losing more than $10,000 per month on average.5

Countless pleas for justice and numerous attempts to remedy the situation have failed.


Much of this inequity in the dairy industry can be traced directly to the excessive consolidation in the sector, which has bred the same type of corruption that we have recently witnessed in many other sectors of our economy and society.6

This hearing in Madison will deal with antitrust violations in the dairy industry and hundreds of dairy farmers are rallying there and across the country for a solution. But time is running out for many dairy farmers as they are being crushed under a burden of mounting monthly debt with no end in sight. Many can no longer hold on.

They need you TODAY to tell the Department of Justice that we will no longer tolerate corruption at the hands of corporate power. Lobbyists are hard at work on a daily basis telling a very different story. Today our voice needs to be louder. Won’t you use your voice today? It only takes a moment.

Then please tell your friends and join us over at FightBigFood.org as we challenge corporate power for America’s farmers, families and the future of our food.

Thank for your creating food democracy today –

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Dave, Lisa and The Food Democracy Now! Team


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