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BP: Wanton toxicity and destruction, big PR

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BP is blocking access to rescuing turtles and is incinerating turtles in the oil.
Video COPYRIGHT by Catherine Craig. You have full permission to reproduce this video in its entirety with full credits and no changes.


* Toxic Dispersant Maker Hires Top Lobbyists: Nalco, the maker of the toxic dispersant Corexit that BP is using, has a plan to deal with the toxicity of its product and all of the marine life poisoned in the Gulf … lobbying! Surely, that will fix the problem. Or, at least, cover it up and get Nalco off the hook.

* EPA Covers Up Toxicity of the Oil Spill: Oh yeah, it’s totally safe for all of the cleanup workers says BP… and the EPA. Why is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency covering up for BP, the biggest environmental criminal of the entire millennium? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is saying it’s safe, too.


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