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Two Party Charade Threatens Liberty

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Will Liberty Continue To Have A Home In America?

I found this article above which is freely sprinkled with Christian references at another site. Even so, the author Chuck Baldwin seems more concerned about liberty than dogmatism and at another part of his site clearly distinguishes Neocons as “hiding amongst our supposedly conservative politicians.”  In the Liberty piece he writes: “I think it is safe to say that many Americans today are not only unwilling to fight for their own liberty (and I am not talking about fighting unconstitutional, unprovoked wars in the Middle East), they do not even seem to be able to discern what true liberty is.”

Extreme pro-life attitudes aside, it is very interesting that “fringe” parties agree on reasonable policies while the so-called mainstream parties conversely agree on perpetual war, corporate domination, and perks for the few.  The Dems are just the wimpy wing of the GOP.

From the Wikipedia article about him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Baldwin :

On September 10 [2008], [Ron] Paul held a National Press Club conference at which [Constitution Party candidate] Baldwin , Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney, and independent candidate Ralph Nader all agreed on four principles—quickly ending the Iraq war, protecting privacy and civil liberties, stopping increases in the national debt, and investigating the Federal Reserve—and on their opposition to the Democratic and Republican parties ignoring these issues.[36]

Now that corporate contributions to electioneering are unlimited and non-transparent, politics will only get more ridiculous. It’s time to forge an alliance between freedom lovers and produce a real choice instead of this tedious (and dangerous) two-party charade which offers no choice at all.

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