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Endless wars: another name on the wall (video)

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Source: War Is A Crime

Justice Through Music, www.jtmp.org, partners again with the band Op-Critical, www.myspace.com/opcritical, in a new music video rendition of Roger Waters’ “The Wall,” to focus attention on the heartbreak of endless wars. “We made a few changes in the lyrics,” said Op-Critical’s Storm, “with the most powerful being: ‘Daddy, what’d you leave behind for me? On the Mall you left another name on the Wall.’” The video, posted a few days ago on YouTube, has already had thousands of views and rave reviews.

The chorus hook is sung by the fabulous Harmonic Angels Children’s Choir whose members are featured in the video. Roger Waters said that he encourages artists to use the song to resist all forms of oppression and that he sees artists as playing a vital role in resistance to repression and brutality. “I applauded and supported the resistance of schoolchildren in South Africa to that repressive and brutal regime,” he said, “and also applaud and support the resistance of Palestinian children in Gaza and the West Bank to the repressive and brutal occupation they endure.”

The music video was animated and directed by world renowned Scottish film director Matt Brown.

Justice Through Music is a non profit charity that works with famous bands to inspire young people to get involved with social causes. The organization has worked with Op-Critical on a number of music videos focusing on Darfur, Torture, Nuclear Weapons, Fracking, Propaganda, and Arlington Cemetery.

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