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Welcome to the end of a great democratic experiment.

Krugman Calls Obama’s ‘Surrender’ a ‘Catastrophe on Multiple Levels’ — Here’s one way to feel worse about the debt ceiling deal announced by the president Sunday night: Read Paul Krugman’s column. The Nobel Prize-winning economist is about as harsh in his assessment of the deal as can be, saying it “will take America a long way down the road to banana-republic status.”

Rasmus: The $1 Trillion Debt Deal  Today’s Boehner-Reid final agreement effectively drops explicit cuts in Defense, another Republican position all along.

ROBERT BOROSAGE:    Capitulation

President Obama’s surrender
By Andrew Leonard
A bad weekend for the White House: The Tea Party wins, Democrats lose, and the carnage will be even worse next year

Democratic politics in a nutshell
By Glenn Greenwald
Report: Dems don’t worry about angry liberals — they’ll just scare them into submission with pictures of Bachmann

Arthur Silber:  The Priorities of the Damned

I’ll use a blunt and, I fervently hope, unsettling comparison. All of these repellent people have decided to rape “ordinary” Americans until they’re dead. They’re only debating who gets to rape them next. And what these human slugs know but will never acknowledge, and what they hope you won’t notice, is that they can’t even get it up anymore.

A Bad Solution to a Manufactured Crisis

It goes to show just how dysfunctional our government has become to ordinary Americans. Despite the fact that millions of us are still out of work because of the greed and excess of the last thirty years and resulting crashed economy, politicians cannot focus on real problems.

Top Economist: Deficit Deal ‘Will Do Great Harm to Our Nation’

Obama & the Fake Debt Ceiling Crisis: This President Is Really Just Smarter Than You Are

But what if President Barack Obama never intended to fight for jobs or justice? What if he believes the nonsense about Wall Street being “job creators” instead of economic vampires? What if Cornel West finally got it right? What if Black Agenda Report has been right all along? What if Barack Obama is a Reagan Democrat in every meaningful way, right down to a fanatical belief in trickle down economics? What if the president counts on corporate media and his army of careerists and sycophants to shut down and cover up cracks in the Obama consensus through which reality might leak? What if Obama is not weak, or timid, or vacillating or waiting for us to “make him do it”? What if what we’ve seen is all there is, all there ever was? The truth is that Barack Obama’s actions are entirely rational, understandable and even predictable if you suppose him to have been a vicious, vacuous and cynical right wing operative from the very beginning.

Why the Debt Ceiling Deal Strengthens the Radical Right and Weakens America

By Robert Reich   The deal’s spending cuts increase the odds of a double-dip recession and strengthens the political hand of the radical right.

Four Ways the Deal Hurts You
“1. You’ll be less likely to find a job if you’re looking. If you’ve got a job, you’re less likely to earn more

money–and more likely to lose it … 2. Your housing value is likely to suffer … 3. Your old age just got scarier …

4. Your tax bill is likely to go way up.”

Debt Ceiling Bill May Hurt Science

Senator Bernie Sanders interview about the debt debacle:

Over Bernie’s strong opposition, Congress approved and President Obama signed a deficit-reduction deal that slashes programs for working families without asking the wealthiest Americans and the most profitable corporations to pay a nickel more. “This country needs deficit reduction, but we need to do it in a way that is fair and which will result in economic growth and job creation.  This proposal does neither,” the senator said. In a Senate speech and a flurry of television interviews, Bernie called the deal  “extremely unfair,” “immoral” and “grotesque.”


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