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Am I Next? America’s Militarized Police Forces

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Demonstrators Aaron Little (R), Gianni Cook (C) and Troy Jones hold signs while protesting against the death of black teenager Michael Brown, outside St Louis County Circuit Clerk building in Clayton, Missouri August 12, 2014. Police said Brown, 18, was shot in a struggle with a gun in a police car but have not said why Brown was in the car. At least one shot was fired during the struggle and then the officer fired more shots before leaving the car, police said. But a witness to the shooting interviewed on local media has said that Brown had been putting his hands up to surrender when he was killed. The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into the racially charged case and St. Louis County also is investigating.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Daily Kos         Demonstrators Aaron Little (R), Gianni Cook (C) and Troy Jones hold signs while protesting against the death of black teenager Michael Brown, outside St Louis County Circuit Clerk building in Clayton, Missouri August 12, 2014.

If the murder in Ferguson, Missouri was an isolated case, it would be tragic enough. But how many Fergusons dot this country of ours? Likely innumerable, and that is an unbearable thought.

One Nation Under SWAT

War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing
11 Eye-Opening Facts About America’s Militarized Police Forces
Police Militarization In Ferguson – Business Insider

Update:  8/17/14

Police Threaten To Shoot, Mace Reporters In Ferguson

Update x2:

Pentagon’s 1033 Program is Preparing for War Against the Civil Population
By Martin Armstrong
This was the design of the military to prepare for civil unrest because the government WILL default on social welfare and social security not to mention confiscating pensions.

Police admit to “testing” new riot gear on WIU students

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What’s the new growth industry for the military-industrial complex and Homeland Security?

Repackaging military weapons to use at home against American citizens.   And no one is saying a word about it.

WIU parent wants answers after police use pepper spray


It was meant to be a party celebrating the upcoming end of the school year but Saturday the annual Wheeler street block party near Western Illinois University got out of hand. Now, the mother of a Western student who was at that party wants answers.

Amateur video taken by students shows them tearing down and burning a stop sign as the block party came to an end. That fire is what Macomb police say started the entire riot. Shortly after the fire began swat teams arrived.

“It was like a military response to these kids, I don’t know how anyone can watch those tapes and think that’s okay,” said Annie Boyd.

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May 10, 2011 at 9:55 am

The TSA is out of control

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The government is doing what it does best – it’s lying.

“There is no problem.”

The media is doing what it does best – it’s presenting the story in a fragmentary, dismissive way.

NO ONE is putting all the pieces together.

This is a much bigger story than just Nazi-like behavior at the airports.

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Even this video just scratches the surface – and please share this page with your friends.

If we don’t protest, it will only get worse.

Also see this video:

Michael Chertoff ordered the full body x-ray scanners *before* the so-called “underwear bomber” scare.  Now he personally profits from selling them to the Department of Homeland Security

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November 17, 2010 at 8:57 am

The Digital Surveillance State: Vast, Secret, and Dangerous

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“we have a Secret Government of 854,000 people, so vast and so secret that nobody knows what it does or what it is. That there is a virtually complete government/corporate merger when it comes to the National Security and Surveillance State is indisputable”

by Glenn Greenwald
Lead Essay     Cato Unbound August 9th, 2010

It is unsurprising that the 9/11 attack fostered a massive expansion of America’s already sprawling Surveillance State. But what is surprising, or at least far less understandable, is that this growth shows no signs of abating even as we approach almost a full decade of emotional and temporal distance from that event. The spate of knee-jerk legislative expansions in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 trauma — the USA-PATRIOT Act — has actually been exceeded by the expansions of the last several years — first secretly and lawlessly by the Bush administration, and then legislatively and out in the open once Democrats took over control of the Congress in 2006. Simply put, there is no surveillance power too intrusive or unaccountable for our political class provided the word “terrorism” is invoked to “justify” those powers.

The More-Surveillance-Is-Always-Better Mindset

Illustrating this More-Surveillance-is-Always-Better mindset is what happened after The New York Times revealed in December, 2005 that the Bush administration had ordered the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on American citizens without the warrants required by law and without any external oversight at all. Despite the fact that the 30-year-old FISA law made every such act of warrantless eavesdropping a felony, “punishable by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than five years, or both,” and despite the fact that all three federal judges who ruled on the program’s legality concluded that it was illegal, there was no accountability of any kind. The opposite is true: the telecom corporations which enabled and participated in this lawbreaking were immunized by a 2008 law supported by Barack Obama and enacted by the Democratic Congress. And that same Congress twice legalized the bulk of the warrantless eavesdropping powers which The New York Times had exposed: first with the 2007 Protect America Act, and then with the 2008 FISA Amendments Act, which, for good measure, even added new warrantless surveillance authorities.

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Northern Arizona University to Monitor Students with Chipped ID cards

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The larger issue being overlooked is the growing use of tracking devices in the U.S., and how willing most people are to be tagged and set loose in the “wild” where their movements and spending habits are monitored, recorded and filed away for someone’s future use.

Ann Bibby Care2.com May 5, 2010

Northern Arizona State will soon track class attendance via an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip in student ID cards. The system, which is similar to one used at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, will use sensors to detect students as they enter classrooms. The data collected will be recorded and shared with professors.

Predictably, students are unhappy and, with equal predictability, have taken their discontent to Facebook via the protest group although some of the more energetic have started petitions against the proposed practice.

University officials say their aim is only to increase student attendance and improve performance though, with enough sensors, they could easily track students’ whereabouts on campus at all times. Students counter, correctly, that they are adults and whether they attend class regularly, on time or pass at all is not the university’s business.

The larger issue being overlooked is the growing use of tracking devices in the U.S., and how willing most people are to be tagged and set loose in the “wild” where their movements and spending habits are monitored, recorded and filed away for someone’s future use.

Since 2006 U.S. passports have been issued with 64-kilobyte RFID chips that carry the name, date and place of birth, nationality, and gender as well as a digitized photo of the person.

Credit card companies are slowly replacing existing cards with RFID chipped cards that also contain confidential information about the customer, and the states have been under intense pressure from the Federal government to comply with the REAL ID act, which make national ID cards out of drivers’ licenses.

Privacy advocates point out that RFID technology, despite encryption, still leaves people’s information vulnerable to anyone with a bit of technical know-how and a scanner, and chipping is fast becoming a go-to “safety” method of choice that has left the general population grumbling.

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End of Civil Rights: McCain & Lieberman’s “Enemy Belligerents” Bill

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Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”?

New bill allows U.S. citizens to be kidnapped and detained without trial indefinitely based on “suspected activity”

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, March 8, 2010

Since the establishment media is convinced that tea party members, 9/11 truthers, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and basically anyone with a dissenting political opinion is a likely domestic terrorist, they should be celebrating the fact that a new bill would allow the government to detain such people as “enemy belligerents” indefinitely and without trial based on their “suspected activity”.

The “Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010,” introduced by Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman on Thursday with little fanfare, “sets out a comprehensive policy for the detention, interrogation and trial of suspected enemy belligerents who are believed to have engaged in hostilities against the United States by requiring these individuals to be held in military custody, interrogated for their intelligence value and not provided with a Miranda warning,” writes the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder.

The full bill can be read here (PDF).

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