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The costs of WAR and Corporatism

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Afghan officials: NATO killed three civilians:

Wardak government spokesman Shahidullah Shahid says Dr. Aqeela Hekmat and two of her family members were killed in their vehicle. Aqeela was the head of gynecology and maternal health for neighboring Ghazni province.

US Tax Payers Fund The Taliban:

A year-long military-led investigation has concluded that U.S. taxpayer money has been indirectly funneled to the Taliban under a $2.16 billion transportation contract that the United States has funded in part to promote Afghan businesses.

The Omnipotence of Al Qaeda and Meaninglessness of “Terrorism”

By Glenn Greenwald

Al Qaeda is always to blame, even when it isn’t, even when it’s allegedly the work of a Nordic, Muslim-hating, right-wing European nationalist.

US wastes $34 bln in Afghan, Iraq contracting-study:

The United States has wasted some $34 billion on service contracts with the private sector in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a study being finalized for Congress.

US Gulag:
Judges keep accused Taliban fighter held at Guantanamo Bay:

The two rulings are just the latest from an an appeals court that has consistently sided with the Obama Administration in cases related to Guantanamo Bay detainees

Max Keiser: ‘US will see social and civil unrest’:

The Pentagon which is fighting yesterday’s war, funding military operations that don’t address the fact that we are in the 21 century currency war. It has nothing to do with the land based war; it has nothing to do with missiles, rockets, and submarines. It is about the currency.

Five Afghan children shot by British forces in helicopter raid:

The youngsters were working in a field in Helmand province when they were hit by “stray bullets” from an Apache gunship which was targeting the Taliban.

Defense Cuts? Don’t Believe Them Until You See Them:

One upshot of the debt-ceiling debate is that politicians might finally be ready to trim the outrageously bloated U.S. military budget. That’s the story, anyway, being told by the Washington Post


The traveling salesman (of death)

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by Charles Davis March 20, 2011           false dichotomy

The United States is the world’s biggest arms dealer — guns and bombs are the only thing America really makes anymore — and Barack Obama is the national-salesman-in-chief, jetting across the globe to sell foreign governments on how, with no down payment and low APR financing, they can be the proud owners of a U.S.-made weapon of mass murder. He’ll even throw in a free undercoating.

While those who fetishize political power and the cult of the presidency would like us all to believe the American head of state meets with his counterparts abroad to engage in weighty, high-minded discussions about John Rawls and the burden of maintaining the social contract, the reality is Obama — like Bush, like Clinton, like Reagan — is little more than a well-dressed shill for the military-industrial complex. But don’t take my word for it.

“President Barack Obama made a strong pitch for the Boeing F-18 jet fighter in a meeting with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff,” the White House announced on Sunday, according to Reuters.

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Apparently Missing Biblical Irony, Nuclear Power Israel Complains about Slingshot Attacks

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Footage from the Mavi Marmara Including Injured Soldiers and Items Found On Board

By: emptywheel Monday May 31, 2010

As Siun reported earlier, last night some Israeli commandos attacked some humanitarian ships bringing supplies to Gaza. A number of civilians were killed.

Since then, the IDF has released a series of videos, captioned in English, apparently attempting to spin their own raid as an attack on the poor defenseless Israelis. I found this one–in which a latter-day Israeli Goliath complains about the slingshots civilians used to defend themselves–particularly ironic.

US launches Cruise Missiles on Yemen

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dead Yemeni child

How many wars do we need?  What possible ‘self-defense’ justification can we offer from thousands of miles away?

Cruise Missile Attacks in Yemen

By Glenn Greenwald

December 21, 2009 – “Salon” — Given what a prominent role “Terrorism” plays in our political discourse, it’s striking how little attention is paid to American actions which have the most significant impact on that problem.  In addition to our occupation of Iraq, war escalation in Afghanistan, and secret bombings in Pakistan, President Obama late last week ordered cruise missile attacks on two locations in Yemen, which “U.S. officials” say were “suspected Al Qaeda hideouts.”  The main target of the attacks, Al Qaeda member Qasim al Rim, was not among those killed, but: “a local Yemeni official said on Sunday that 49 civilians, among them 23 children and 17 women, were killed in air strikes against Al-Qaeda, which he said were carried out ‘indiscriminately’.”  Media reports across the Muslim worldthough, not of course, within the U.S. — are highlighting the dead civilians from the U.S. strike (one account from an official Iranian outlet began:  “U.S. Nobel Peace Prize laureate President Barack Obama has signed the order for a recent military strike on Yemen in which scores of civilians, including children, have been killed, a report says”)………

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