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Ask Justice Thomas to Recuse Himself from Supreme Court GMO Sugar Beet Case

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J.E.M. Ag Supply v. Pioneer Hi-Bred, 534 U.S. 124 (2001) granted large biotech corporations like Monsanto extensive patent protection over genetically modified seeds. This case was authored by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a former lawyer for Monsanto.

In Monsanto v. Geertson Seed Farms, No. 09-475, the U.S. Supreme Court will review an appellate court decision ruling that the USDA illegally approved Monsanto’s GM sugar beets without determining whether organic farmers, consumers or the environment would be adversely effected.

Justice Thomas has an obvious conflict of interest and should recuse himself, but he has decided to reserve his power to rule on the GM sugar beet case.

As one blogger put it, “Fox, meet henhouse.”

Please sign OCA’s petition to Justice Thomas:


Who Legalized Bribery and Graft?

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Corruption is a growth industry.

It’s nice to know that there are 8 lobbyists for each member of Congress.

If you take their money, you shouldn’t be able to vote on their damn bills.  Maybe that’s the way to limit corporate influence- just pass a decent conflict of interest statute for Congress!  What we have now amounts to legalized bribery.

Money Sure To Keep Health Care On The Agenda

But What Are Supporters And Opponents Getting For Those Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars?

1 Mar 2010 // It’s too early to say how the messy, protracted health care debate will end. But one thing is already clear: It’s generated record lobbying expenditures. And like health care itself, the lobbying battle over health reform just keeps costing more.

Health-care-related lobbying and TV advertising have easily cleared the half-billion mark, topping $700 million in 2009, according to political money and ad tracking experts. Much of that went to pay for an army of lobbyists that numbered 4,525 last year, reports the Center for Public Integrity — eight for every member of Congress.

The health care lobbying bonanza has raised uncomfortable questions, both for lawmakers and for industry players and activists……

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Why Civilizations Collapse

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INDIA-WEATHER-FLOODSA Lesson for Climate Change

Modern society is technologically far superior to any that has gone before, we have all the means to head off the worst effects of climate change and adapt to those we cannot avoid. History tells us however that the most common reason societies collapse is not inadequate science or technology but failure to take the difficult decisions necessary for survival

Prof. Peter Saunders

Surviving environmental disasters

As the world faces the challenge of climate change, it is instructive to recall that this is by no means the first time humans have had to cope with similar problems. Many societies have found themselves in serious trouble because of an unwelcome change in their environment. It may have been something over which they had no control, like the onset of the Little Ice Age in the 15th century, or they may have brought it upon themselves, all too often by clearing forests, or perhaps a combination of the two. Some societies survived, others did not.  

Long before the Spanish arrived, the Mayans of Central America had already abandoned their magnificent cities because of drought. Deforestation destroyed the Easter Island society that erected the famous statues, though a very much reduced population continued to live on the island. Others, like the Norwegian settlers in Greenland, and the original inhabitants of Pitcairn Island, died out completely.

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Senators held stock in bailed-out banks

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thiefClearly with campaign contributions now a euphemism for graft, Senators no longer have any concern about consequences from conflicts of interest. 

Senators held stock in bailed-out banks

By Reid Wilson and Kevin Bogardus   TheHill

Senators who oversee the $700 billion Wall Street rescue package held stocks in many of the banks bailed out towards the end of last year, according to financial disclosure reports released Friday.

According to the reports detailing senators’ finances in 2008, nearly half of the members of the Senate Banking Committee had holdings in financial institutions that have taken funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). The panel has jurisdiction over the bailout fund and other relief efforts directed by federal regulators to save the nation’s financial system.

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