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Good Reasons To Liquidate Our Empire- and No Reason to Expect We Will

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gladiatori graveyardAt TomDispatch.com, Chalmers Johnson describes our national dilemma-  an Empire we lust for but cannot afford- and gives some good advice to avoid a precipitous collapse. 

When I read such self-evident articles however, I wonder how one settles down to write one?  Are we not so entangled in our hypocrisy and hubris that even the obvious will certainly be ignored?  It’s like trying to intervene in a head-on collision or advising a down hill skier after he’s gone over the precipice.

If the United States were able to avoid the abyss in our near future, it would have changed course decades ago.  The US chose instead to cannibalize itself- to feed off the poor and corrupt the elite beyond Faustian excess. The American Dream has become a well established nightmare. We are past the time for good advice, only the Eulogy remains to be written.

Johnson writes: “Our unwillingness to retrench, no less liquidate, represents a striking historical failure of the imagination. In his first official visit to China since becoming Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner assured an audience of students at Beijing University “Chinese assets invested in the United States are very safe.” According to press reports, the students responded with loud laughter. Well they might.”

However soon the funeral of American expectations may come, it is clear the wake has already begun.


Written by laudyms

July 30, 2009 at 2:35 pm