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Cloned Meat & Milk Coming: Be Very Afraid

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Note: The FDA oked unlabeled cloned meat/milk in January, 2008 but delayed implementation….

Cloning by nuclear transplant is completely different from cloning by  splitting embryos, and is closely associated with genetic modification of livestock to produce drugs in their milk; in deregulating cloned meat and milk, the European Commission will be approving the sale of highly unethical and unsafe products that are also illegal

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 3/16/11    Institute of Science in Society

Cloned meat and milk to be unregulated

Milk and meat from ‘cloned’ animals’ offspring could soon be on sale without any labels, the European consumer group BEUC warns [1]. The European Commission (EC) is threatening to force through the proposal backed by the British Government.

It is currently illegal to sell meat or milk from cloned animals or their offspring in the UK; and anyone wishing to do so must apply for permission from the Food Standards Agency.

The EC wants to allow food from the offspring of clones into the market without any labels or the need for approval; but opposes the sale of food from clones themselves. The UK government has no objection to selling meat and milk from clones.

The EC argues that any ban on food from clone offspring risks triggering a trade war with the US, where most cloning is done. It says that as the US does not have an official tracing system to identify which animals are the offspring of clones, it would be impossible to label the resulting food.

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The Monsanto Files

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The following links read like a description of Murder Inc.:


Monsanto, the world’s dominant biotech company and a leader of the reported $6 million effort by corporate special interests to defeat Measure 27, Oregon’s labeling initiative, is one of the most controversial companies in the world.

The company that made Agent Orange and PCBs has gone to great lengths to make sure that Americans don’t know whether their food has been genetically engineered. Just what are they afraid of?

Check the links below to find out what kind of trouble Monsanto has gotten itself into in recent years.
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Food laced with nanoparticles could swamp Britain

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By Fiona Macrae Daily Mail Jan 8, 2010

Britain is on the brink of a massive expansion in foods containing controversial ‘grey goo’ nanoparticles, according to the former head of the Food Standards Agency.

Low-calorie chocolate and beer that doesn’t go flat could be on sale within just five years, Lord Krebs said last night.

However, he and other peers believe there will be no requirement for the hi-tech products to be labelled as containing nanoparticles – microscopic compounds that can worm their way into the brain, liver and kidneys with unknown consequences.

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