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US Orders News Blackout Over Crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant- report

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Flooded Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant


Update I:

I got suckered by this article

tho there’s no doubt the MSM sat on the story until it was picked up by alternative news sites.

Update II:   The MSM is finally covering this story (tepidly):

Friday, June 24, 2011
A Nuclear Plant’s Flood Defenses Trigger a Yearlong Regulatory Confrontation
By PETER BEHR of ClimateWire
[. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .]   “This is the first test of the revised flood preparations for Fort Calhoun,” OPPD spokesman Michael Jones said.


When important stories are neglected by the MSM, it’s a perfect opportunity for spinners and perception management trolls to jump in. See more about sophisticated troll activity at

Intelligence Briefs or Disinformation? How to tell the difference  Posted by Phil Brennan on Jan 14, 2011 |

If you still want to check out the ‘blackout’ article first here’s my

Editor’s NOTE: This article repeats a claim about West coast infant mortality that has been seriously disputed. Longer periods of time need to be compared to provide statistical reliability. Even without radiation exposure, the US has 6.7 deaths per 1,000 live births: the highest infant mortality rate among the high-income nations in 2006. Iceland, with 1.4 deaths/ 1,000 live births, had the lowest.

You can decide for yourself how much input here the coal industry had as well….There are  many hallmarks of rightwing spin propaganda too. I’m not endorsing this article, just collecting breadcrumbs. I’d love to talk to someone from Omaha!


US Orders News Blackout Over Crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant

Posted by Jay White on Jun 17 2011,       Weather Tech

A shocking report prepared by Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) on information provided to them by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant [photo top left] located in Nebraska.

According to this report, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suffered a “catastrophic loss of cooling” to one of its idle spent fuel rod pools on 7 June after this plant was deluged with water caused by the historic flooding of the Missouri River which resulted in a fire causing the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) to issue a no-fly ban over the area……….the rest here