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What was Raymond Davis Up To In Pakistan?

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  • CIA contractor Raymond Davis freed from Pakistan jail on ‘blood money’
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    US Terror Campaign in Pakistan? What was Raymond Davis Shooting for in Lahore?

    Wed, 02/09/2011   ThisCan’tBeHappening
    Dave Lindorff

    The mystery surrounding Raymond A. Davis, the American former Special Forces operative jailed in Lahore, Pakistan for the murder of two young motorcyclists, and his funky “security” company, Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, in the US continues to grow.

    When Davis was arrested in the immediate aftermath of the double slaying in a busy business section of Lahore, after he had fatally shot two men in the back, claiming that he feared they might be threatening to rob him, police found business cards on him for a security company called Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, which listed as its address 5100 North Lane, Orlando, Florida.

    A website for the company gave the same address, and listed the manager as a Gerald Richardson.

    An investigation into the company done for Counterpunch Magazine that was published on Tuesday, disclosed that the address was actually for a vacant storefront in a run-down and almost completely empty strip mall in Orlando called North Lane Plaza. The 5100 shop was completely empty and barren, save for an empty Coke glass on a vacant counter.

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    February 9, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    “Counterterror”- what the US calls its brand of state terrorism

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    Tom Engelhardt and Anand Gopal explore the practices of our military and mercenary forces in Afghanistan in the Tomgram article “Obama’s Secret Prisons: Night Raids, Hidden Detention Centers, the “Black Jail,” and the Dogs of War in Afghanistan”:

    “You don’t know what counterterror is?  Not so surprising.  The truth is, if you’re not a complete news jockey, you probably don’t know much about targeted assassinations, night raids, secret detention centers, disappearances, and other acts of counterterror (which is really terror in uniform or at least under state orders).  Of course, the Afghans know well enough.  For them, it’s not a secret war, particularly in the southern parts of the country, where the Taliban is strongest; it’s but one particularly frightening aspect of everyday life.

    It’s just we Americans who are ignorant. Our secret war is essentially kept secret from us.  Our Special Forces operatives, along with the CIA (and possibly private contractors), have long been involved in the “night raids” that Anand Gopal describes below.  And regularly enough, if you’re reading closely, you’ll see news bubbling to the surface about their results — like those eight students in grades 6-10, who were taken from their beds by “Americans” in a night raid in Kunar Province, handcuffed, and then evidently executed. (A statement from Afghan President Hamid Karzai says that they were “martyred” and the UN has confirmed that they were students.)  Or consider the recent night raid in Ghazni Province that killed at least four Afghan villagers, including an 11-year-old.  Both incidents led to angry protests; both resulted in denials by the U.S. military that the dead were anything but “insurgents” or “bomb-makers.” ”

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    One week in Palestine- a litany of abuse

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    Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

    Weekly Report:                Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Systematic Attacks against Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and Continue to Impose a Total Closure on the Gaza Strip 


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    ” ‘We the people’ are the real enemies in the U.S.’ all-out, all-or-nothing global war”

    Commentary by Liz Burbank:

    Capital lives and grows by war, different kinds of war, war that must suck the blood and life out of ‘us’ worldwide or die. But the U.S. war for global hegemony has been a new, desperate type of imperialist war because if {it} loses global supremacy to upcoming rivals and revolutions, U.S. finance capital is dead.
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    Japan Officially Labels Paul Watson a “Terrorst” for Saving Whales

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    Drew Wilson              Care2 News

    When will this silly “terrorism” rhetoric end? I thought that once Bush left office he would take the with-us-or-with-the-terrorists mentality with him. Maybe that was naive. Apparently the Japanese government has taken yet another step towards labeling the conservationist Paul Watson a terrorist.

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    July 3, 2009 at 12:35 pm