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Political Cannibals: the end game

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The two-party system is probably dying. Before you deplore me for celebrating, consider all the other ways we are played off against each other for profit. We are constantly asked to pick good guys and bad guys- in school cliques, in the NFL, in office politics, and in church.

The motto of our nation is E pluribus unum  (Latin for “Out of many, one”) for a very good reason. The ability of our diverse population to work together allowed us to be free of a colonial power, and become a prosperous “can do” nation.  Once social engineering began to exploit our differences to promote power and privilege, we lost our way.

“Why don’t you two fight?” might be a better motto for today’s America. So the next time someone encourages you to give your all for the team or the party, you might want to look at the menu- because these days we’re on it and the cannibals are sharpening their knives.

Co-operation is the basic survival skill, and if we lose it what else will matter? It’s time to overlook all the little things that make us different (and interesting), ignore distractions and gadgets, and stand up to manipulation. It takes real people to make a real democracy.

Written by laudyms

May 31, 2016 at 11:14 am

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